Q&A with Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ president Neal Carter

As you've likely heard, Arctic Apples are genetically engineered nonbrowning apples that are currently undergoing review in both Canada and the US. We invited you to ask your questions in What do you want to know about Arctic® Apples? Those questions and more were answered by Neal Carter, president of Okanagan Specialty Fruits. 1. Can you … Continue reading Q&A with Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ president Neal Carter

Don't destroy research – Italy edition

Recently, a group called Take the Flour Back threatened to destroy publicly funded research on aphid-resistant wheat at Rothamsted research institute in Hertfordshire, England. The scientists, including Dr. Gia Aradottir, pleaded with the activists to let them continue their research, which could eventually result in decreased use of pesticides on wheat. Scientists and people interested in science around the world spread the … Continue reading Don't destroy research – Italy edition


There's a lot of interesting and sometimes conflicting things about Bt out there. Most people know that the Bt gene originally came from Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria, which are common in soil, but there's a lot more to know! Here, I'll discuss the differences and similarities between Bt from bacteria and Bt which is found in genetically … Continue reading Bt

Waiter, there’s DNA in my dinner!

Threadless recently hosted* a t-shirt contest for Jeffery Smith's Institute for Responsible Technology: the No GMO t-shirt design challenge (see Karl's post Vote for talking, not fighting for more details). One of the shirts really struck me: GMO Shortens Life Span by Michael. The artist proposes an equation: plants + DNA  = death This slogan really makes me wonder - does the … Continue reading Waiter, there’s DNA in my dinner!

Does glyphosate restrict crop mineral uptake?

Note: This post follows Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence about Don Huber’s alleged letter to the USDA that claims a never before seen “micro fungus” is endangering all of agriculture. While claims about “micro-fungi” are too extraordinary to even consider until extraordinary proof is provided (and preferably replicated by another lab and peer reviewed), Don Huber’s claims that Roundup (specifically … Continue reading Does glyphosate restrict crop mineral uptake?